Bongo Bee

Sound dripping in honey

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Bongo Bee is an innovative and intelligently designed bongo that gives you the freedom to choose your favorite assemble configuration.

in the Black and Red versions, you can easily disassemble the Bongo Bee, compact it to a small pack for a quick and practical transportation.

Multiple possibilities

Quick practicality

We designed a swift coupling system that allows you to quickly assemble your bongo set in countless ways.

Compact packing

Compress your bongo quickly and take it wherever you want.

Sound dripping in honey

We took a great amount of care in constructing a bongo boasting high-definition and sound clarity. And it also has a nice amount of space between each piece of the triple bongos.

These high-level features in the sound are ensured through 2mm skin made with 4 layers of highly pressurized, hot-pressed natural ivory wood, followed up with precision techniques and finishes that result in durability and consistency in the quality of the bongos.

The Bongo Bee is festooned with a rim made of noble solid ipê wood, making it easier to evoke new tones and a dynamic touch.

The triple bongos set comes in the following approximate external sizes:

7 – 1/3”
8 – 3/5″
10 – 1/3″

Nectar of materials

The Bongo Bee comes in a Red version that is made of 9mm plywood covered by natural Muiracatiara wood, finished in highly-protective Italian acrylic lacquer with a 5% shine, giving it a velvety touch and showcasing the bongo’s beauty.

The Bongo Bee comes in a Black version that is made of 9mm tropical plywood, finished in black acrylic lacquer and a highly-protective acrylic Italian lacquer with a 5% shine with mixed silver metallic particles, giving it a beautiful bright reflection when exposed to direct light.

Technical specifications

Gross weight (approx.) 2.2 lbs. / 35 oz. (single) - 4.0 lbs. / 65 oz. (dual) - 5.6 lbs. / 90 oz. (triple)
Net weight (approx.) 1.5 lbs. / 25 oz. (single) - 3.3 lbs. / 53 oz. (dual) - 4.6 lbs. / 74 oz. (triple)
Packing dim. (approx.) 9.5 x 10.9 x 5.27 in. (single) - 9.5 x 10.9 x 8.66 in. (dual and triple)
Product dim. (approx.) (4.6 in. x 7 - 1/3" ø) - (4.6 in. x 8 -3/8" ø) - (14.6 in. x 10 - 1/3" ø)
Body 0.35 in. Muiracatiara plywood
Playing surface 0.07 in. ivory plywood finished in 5% gloss acrylic varnish
Finishing Black acrylic lacquer and 5% gloss acrylic varnish
Quick hitch Solid ipe wood with M8 threaded bar and stainless steel butterfly nut  
Warranty 06 months for manufacturing defects