Hive Queen Cajonga

The royalty of conga-cajones

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Featuring an innovative design, the Hive Queen Cajonga is a rugged, professionally designed conga-cajon that offers practicality, beauty and high-quality sound.

The Hive Queen is extremely versatile and can be played in a variety of styles of music, like pop, country, Latin, Axé (Afro-fusion), samba and a host of others.

Its classic black color, finished in lacquer with silver particles, evokes a stunning visual impact and provides a spectacular stage presence.

A royal resonance

Adorned with a solid Ipe wood rim, its skin gives off bright taps and a well-defined open tone. Its full and clear bass tone is projected through the circular opening on the side of the instrument.

Its 2mm resonance skin is made in 4 layers of natural highly-pressurized Ivory wood and is engineered applying precision techniques and finishes, ensuring durability and consistency in the quality of the conga-cajones.

This triple conga-cajón set comes in the following approximate external sizes:

9 -1/2” (quinto)
11” (conga)
12 - 3/4” (tumba)

A beautiful stability

Its sturdy, non-slip crown-shaped base made of solid ipe wood facilitates an incredible escape from the body’s sound projection and perfect physical stability.

Light and compact

Quickly snap the triple conga-cajón set together and take it wherever you want.

At around 23 lbs., the total weight of this set is equivalent to a single traditional solid conga.

A nobility of materials

We structured the body of the Hive Queen in 9mm tropical plywood. Next, we make glued joints between body and the solid ipe wood rim. Finally, we make a precise bonding of its 2mm ivory resonance skin to the rim.

The sleek classic black finish was done in acrylic lacquer, topped off with a high-protection 5% gloss Italian acrylic lacquer bursting with silver metallic particles, providing a stunning shiny reflection when exposed to direct light.

Technical specifications

Gross weight (approx.) 8.1 lbs. / 130 oz. (single) - 19 lbs. / 306 oz. (dual) - 25 lbs. / 409 oz. (triple)
Net weight (approx.) 5.9 lbs. / 95 oz. (quinto) - 7.7 lbs. / 123 oz. (conga) - 9.5 lbs. / 151 oz. (tumba)
Packing dim. (approx.) 12.6 x 13.7 x 31.5 in.
Product dim. (approx.) 28.58 in. x 7 - 1/3" (quinto) - 28.58 in. x 8 - 3/5 (conga) - 28.58 in. x 10 - 1/3 (tumba)
Body 0.35 in. tropical plywood
Playing surface 0.07 in. ivory plywood finished in 5% gloss acrylic varnish
Finishing Black acrylic lacquer and 5% gloss acrylic varnish
Warranty 06 months for manufacturing defects