2020 Model

Golden Colibri

A masterpiece

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The Golden Colibri is a professional electro-acoustic cajon that features incredibly rich tones.

Its innovative architecture and guitar-inspired design facilitate a fresh range of sound that can be broadly applied to a variety of musical genres.

Its beauty and superb craftsmanship provide inspiration and make it the perfect instrument for a variety of shows and recording sessions.

Snare Strings


We chose a Spanish-style snare using guitar strings for a more classic and refined range of sound.

Choose your tone

Get your ideal tone through the adjustable string system, containing of 2 sets with 2 guitar strings in each set. Subtle adjustments to the side screws allow you to tighten or loosen the snare strings to get the sound you want out of you cajon, with more or less of a snapping sound in the snare and in the bass.


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Extreme beauty.
Top quality.

Its body is made of 9mm laminated plywood with natural Pau Ferro (South American tonewood) is screwlessly and accurately encased to the sides of the solid Ipê Tabaco wood and it features a fluid finish with a flexible 5.5mm Kapok wood back plate. Its front skin boasts a 3.2mm laminated plywood in natural noble wood ivory. A dual-layer of 5% Italian acrylic lacquer gloss gives the Golden Colibri a velvety feel, smooth finish and a great deal of protection.

New tones

The corners slightly away from the front plate are a signature on all our cajones. This spacing allows you to explore sharp flan and slap sounds. This is a rather unique type of treble that renders a crisp resonating snap and greater dynamics when playing music.

The backplate gives off a very attractive sound similar to that laid-back vibe when bongo drums are played on the beach.

Technology and innovation

Golden Plate

We have developed a 3.2mm matte ivory soundboard for the Golden Colibri, providing a clear, sensitive treble and robust bass.

Plug & Play System

ABS Mic System

We have developed the innovative ABS Mic System, which is a practical and intelligent solution for electric pickups in cajones. Easy to remove, this system suspends the dynamic mic using elastic bands and absorbs any unwanted impact coming from the body of the instrument, freeing-up the microphone for a cleaner capture of the sound.

Plug & Play

Quickly and easily connect your cajón to your amplifiers using the XLR connector.

Technical specifications

Gross weight (approx.) 14.77 lbs. / 236 oz.
Net weight (approx.) 11.90 lbs. / 190 oz.
Packing dim. (approx.) 17.7 x 13 x 20,8 in.
Product dim. (approx.) 16.7 x 12.2 x 19,5 in.
Maximum load capacity 440 lbs. / 7050 oz.
Body 0.35 in. Plywood with Brazilian Ebony covering
Corners Solid tabebuia wood flaps
Front-plate Frosted 0.12 in. ivory plywood
Back-plate 0.21 in. kapok wood
Plug & Play system Dynamic microphone capsule with male XLR connector
Snare system Adjustable system with 2 snares with 2 guitar strings each
Finishing Double layer of 5% gloss acrylic lacquer
Foothold 04 SBR rubber feet
Warranty 06 months for manufacturing defects